Paid Ways to make money from your Music or song

I’m a musician, I have a lot of tracks and albums, the problem is, how really do I make money from my music, especially an artist from Nigeria?

Alright, no doubt I’m going to answer those questions here, you don’t have to search too far anymore.

360label with wealth

If your questions are;

  1. How to make money from my songs or music as a Nigerian artist?
  2. What platform do I have to sell music as a Nigerian artist?
  3. Is there any Nigerian Music Stored online?

Then you are in the right spot, let me try to answer those questions one after the other.

  1. How to make money from my songs or music as a Nigerian artist:

Now, here is the real deal as an upcoming artist, you want to make money? There are so many ways possible.

You can sign-up by big artist, sell your music on an online store, platforms or burn to cd to sell hard copy, this stuffs don’t just happen that way, it takes time so, just be cool and believe in yourself. Freedom doesn’t come free neither riches come so easily, it grows and takes time, but do not be discouraged as an artist does what you do best.

You can sell your music online or burn to cd to sell hard copy, either way, it won’t come so easily but it works, you just have to do it if you want to make some extra cash.

Selling your music online is the best way I can recommend you as an artist, the internet is the biggest marketplace to reach out to billions of audience and like-minded interest without much stress

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2. What platform do I have to sell music as a Nigerian artist?

Good question, now that you have made up to start selling your music online, is a cool decision and a nice idea.
Nigerian artist finds it hard to actually make money from their songs no matter how good it is, that’s why you don’t have to search far anymore. there is this Nigeria Online Music store called “360label” is pretty kind and new, though it sounds promising.

“Get Paid For Your Passion” that’s how they tag it, it’s actually a Nigerian music store, I called it Nigeria Spotify. yes, because it pretty acts like one and does like Spotify with much revenue than Spotify.

To know about 360label: What is 360label and how does it work?

360label has taken the pain of Nigerian artist and make it her personal problem and is free to upload and sell your music on 360label.

Stop making your music free download

3. Is there any Nigerian Music Store online?

Yes, there is one and only Nigerian Music Store called 360label Music, to know more about them you can click here or send them an email at any question you want to be cleared about.

Your passion is your wealth, nothing comes easy as you know it, you as an artist make use of 360label and stop begging, paying someone to upload your songs for you and stop making your songs for free download, is high time you start selling your songs.

Thank you…

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