Nigeria No #1 Music Providers 360label is a Friend name to reckon on the Internet when it comes to Music Promotion in the world. is a Friend name to reckon on the Internet when it comes to Music Promotion in the world. was conceived in 2016 and launched in October of 2019 in Nigeria. is the first user generated music and audio content platform of its kind in Nigeria.

Our users can upload, listen, search, sell, share, download and store audio and music files. These music and audio files include but are not limited to Music, Commercials, Podcasts, Sound Bites, Live Performances, Sound Effects, DJ Mixes, Audio Books, Audio Blogs, School Reviews and more.

Our platform offers a vibrant social community connecting people through the power of music and audio. We are everything and anything audio and music. We strive to make your listening experience on the internet simple, social and central.

Did we mention this is offered all for free! No hidden costs, no freemium services, no limits on what features can be utilized every user has access to the same exact tools and features for no additional cost. We are a true open platform.

360label is Nigeria most leading and audio, music discovery platform. Whether you’re an artist, DJ’s, podcaster, or label; get the tools you need to share your music and grow your audience.

UPLOAD MUSIC & AUDIO provides cloud-based music and sound hosting service. Content creators can upload audio, music and cover art with no time caps or limits on the number of uploads and it’s all for completely FREE!

Stream and discover the latest music and sound from D.J.’s, Podcasters, Musicians, Sound Effects, Ringtones, Audio books, and more. Find new content and artists with our music and audio suggestions feature.

We provide the best tools for music and content creators to upload and share their content. You can share any of your uploads on popular sites like facebook, twitter, blogs, personal websites or any other website using our HTML5/Flash embed player.


Unlimited upload time*
Unlimited downloads*
Get paid for streaming
Get paid for downloads
Full stats
Full embed controls
Scheduled releases
Replace tracks
Monetize unlimited tracks on 360label

Visit and start selling your songs and sound track

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