“There’s No Solution To Suffering Of Nigerians, But We Can Still Live Together As One Nigeria” – Ali Ndume

Ali Ndume, senate leader, has asserted that there is no solution on ground to alleviate the hardship being experienced by a large percentage of Nigerians.

The senator also said restructuring of the country can only be achieved by means of negotiation, while “no one should claim the monopoly over the interests of the people”.

Addressing journalist in Abuja Ndume said:

“Whatever it is, my own position on the clamour for restructuring is that since we are in the era of democracy, the people should be allowed to decide and not individuals.

“Nobody should claim monopoly of interest of the people from his or her area by sitting down with few others and calling other zones, saying that Nigeria should restructure; no, I don’t support that. I support collective decision by Nigerians. We came together collectively not by force, not by insult, but by negotiation.

“Even our colonial masters wanted to carve out a country called Nigeria and out of three basic regions, north, western and eastern regions, there were series of conferences that led to that. As at 1957 or 1958 when Nigeria was ready and even our colonial masters were ready to grant us our independence, the north said it was not ready then.

“This made both the Western and Eastern regions that didn’t want to go their separate ways at that time to wait till 1960 for independence for Nigeria.

“In fact, in 1979, the Secretary to the State Government of Borno State was a Yoruba man and the Chief Justice of Borno State was an Igbo man. They were living in harmony with people of their host communities without calling for restructuring.” He added.

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