Bayelsans kick as Gov Dickson appoints Fulani man as VC of Niger Delta University

on July 22 2016, ASUU Accuses Dickson Of Floating Private University With State Funds

It added that The academic body regretted that the government was thinking of establishing a private university  with state resources despite several months of unpaid salaries of lecturers, and under funding of NDU.

ASUU alleged that Dickson plans to strangulate the state-owned university because of the new private university.

Meanwhile despite all the allegations leveled against the Governor of neglecting his state and raising confusion among the staffs of the Niger Delta University, Dickson has appointed Sheu of Bornor State as the Vice Chancelor of the University. But why the tension?

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You can Recall vividly on February 2017 how the Governor allocated some 1,200 hectares

of land to the Fulanis for grazing of cattles in the State which raises questions of what relationship or secrete agender of the governor to do such before another lucrative appointments to Falani family in bayelsa State.

It is also reported that the despite all the applications tendered by the Niger Delta qualified Professors, the Governor deem it fit to appoint a Fulani extract to head the university (Niger Delta University of Bayelsa State.

This is what a Niger Delta Activist, Comr DP Reye said about the new development:

So after all the search within Bayelsa State and the entire Niger Delta for a suitable Personality to be appointed, Governor Henry Seriake Dickson found non worthy and qualified for the post but the Shehu of Borno as the new Chancellor of the State’s Niger Delta University.
Am sure this will paint him more Patriotic and committed to the unity of Nigeria and am sure they’ll reciprocate/return the favour in due time.

Parochial Political quest and Self Serving interest can make a misleader trade and enslave his own homeland for cheap Politrickish crumbs and fura from the desert.

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